Coming Together with Love


Welcome to the Hlanganani Ngothando Organisation site. We hope you find everything you need and enjoy reading about what we do. Hlanganani Ngothando Organisation is a Christian, Non-government, Non-Profit, Welfare organisation serving a wide variety of people groups including men, women, children, the elderly, sick, prisoners, school children, and mentally and physically disabled children, in and around KwaZulu Natal.

Consider the lives involved. from Paul Speirs on Vimeo.

A Typical Day in the life of Hlanganani Ngothando Organisation

The day starts quite early for the two drivers, Sipho and Mlu. They are on the road at 07.00 collecting the disabled children andthe staff members. As the children and young adults arrive they are given breakfast and by 08.45 everybody has settled and finished eating and the official day starts and every member whether they are in maintenance or therapy, including all the children, attend the devotions for 10 to 15 min. This is the time Eric Ntuli our centre manager, usually shares a little bit from the scriptures, any specific prayer requests are made and it is an opportunity to share any notices with all the staff.After that all disperse to their different stations.

When devotions are over the children begin their different therapy regimes. Each child or young adult is so different in his need and level of disability so that each program has to be tailor made. Some of the more able children will go off to the “classroom” with MaDlamini for theme teaching, some written work in the form of worksheets or fine motor games with blocks and lego and puzzles.

Others will be taken to the therapy room where a child can spend up to 15 min a few times a day with two of the ladies doing exercises. This room is quiet and restful away from “the maddening crowd” where they receive specialized one-on-one attention. Back in the hall several things will be happening at the same time. One therapist will help Thabani to roll over, others will encourage Wandile and Zotha to walk, another will be doing feel/touch therapy with blind Nokuthula, Nellie will be doing one on one in the “autistic” corner and so on.

You will find Mary moving from one group to the other keeping a watchful eye on the different therapies. If the weather is good the children are also taken outside to play and at 1 o’clock the disabled children all receive a cooked meal for lunch. By then they are pretty tired and very hungry, so this time is one of winding down and getting ready to go home.

Here are links to the HNO Constitution, NPO Registration Certificate and the HNO Organagram. Click on the link to download and read them if need be.

HNO Constitution

NPO Registration Certificate

HNO Organogram