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22 May 2012 – Diary

May 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Conny in HNO

Colleen Shnelling and her group of friends, including Carolynn from Container Ministries, came for another visit last week laden (and I mean laden) with gifts for us and for the community crèches. Two vehicles were not enough and they had to bring along a trailer.  We spent a lovely day driving through the hills visiting homes and crèches, delivering food parcels, clothes, mattresses for the crèches and, of course, lots of sweets and goodies for the children.  We did have one very close call though.  We were nearly forced to handcuff Colleen to the steering wheel of the car after she found a litter of puppies that had been born during the night and were being cared for by their rather emaciated mother. Colleen was all for taking one home with her………….I tried to reason with her that these pups were by no means highly bred animals but she would have none of that.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder……..  We managed to get her away, promising that she would be back to check up on them after they had been weaned……….

22 May Diary

It was a wonderful thing to be able to pray with this granny and her son (above) who had been injured as a boy during a stick fight and left semi paralysed.

We received boxes and boxes of beautifully sewn and clearly marked tracksuits, mainly sewn by Jill de Villiers and with the cold hitting Bulwer in no uncertain terms there are going to be many very relieved children belonging to vulnerable families. Carol is very quick to take first pickings for the disabled children that attend our day care centre as you can see above. She is like a mother hen with her chickens so we don’t “sukkel” with her J.  But there are plenty left over for the community. These ladies have really worked hard at collecting and sewing and keeping our stores replenished.  We cannot thank them enough.

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