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December 2011 News

December 7th, 2011 | Posted by Conny in HNO

To all our dear friends everywhere,

This year we decided to do our year end party a bit differently.  On Friday we celebrated the little graduation party for our crèche children and said goodbye to those who will be moving on to “big” school. On Tuesday the 13th December we combined our staff and disabled children parties into one whole morning of festivities. First the welcome and opening prayer, then cake, sweets and juice,  then the handing over of presents and finally a “braai” ending off with ice cream.

God truly blessed us that day because the children received five presents each, one track suit from Colleen Shnelings sewing ladies, one summer outfit tailor made for each child from Leila Mcneil and her lady friends, a shoebox gift with all sorts of goodies in it from the Shoebox project, a lovely toy from Donovan and Robyn Grandemange and finally a pair of shoes from Nina.

Now, Nina Rohlant is a brand new angel that arrived on our doorstep the week before with pockets full of generosity. She represents a company called Tingasmart who do contract timber felling in our area and they offered to sponsor our year end party. We were “gobsmacked” (I just love that word invented by the younger generation) and true to her promise on Tuesday she arrived with meat (loads of it…… which meant we had some really happy Zulus) bread rolls, ice cream and cones, and a pair of shoes for each one of our children which she personally bought after we sent her a list of our children’s very specific and different needs. She is also sponsoring 3 CD players for the three classrooms for the new year. We cannot thank Tingasmart enough for this support. But then again, I don’t know how to thank Leila and Colleen and all the ladies that have been sewing all year for our children and for the poor in the community.

And of course happy as they were with the clothes a toy simply rounds off Christmas and the ones we received from Donovan and Robyn were lovely and we were able to hand pick a perfect one for each of the children. Thank you to all of you for making the day so special and for rounding off the year so generously. Of course the year itself was one long story of wonderful support from all quarters, whether through funding, or prayers or encouragement or love, and we appreciate every person who is involved in the work of HNO.

I will let the photos tell the story of the 13th of December. We closed the centre on the 15th and will be opening again on the 9th of January.

Nina, our new  friend from Tingasmart.

Nina from Tingasmart

Lindokuhle knows exactly what is in this packet , a track suit and Thabani is so happy with slippers from Nina.

Christmas presents

Notice all the black packets.  Each child needed one to take back all his or her lovely gifts.

Christmas gifts

All our love to all of you!

Christmas party

Christmas Gifts

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