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Esinqobile Christmas Party Raises the Roof!

December 27th, 2010 | Posted by Conny in Esinqobile

I would like to thank the Pietermaritzburg Cathedral Women’s Society once again for sponsoring our Christmas party at Esinqobile in Bulwer this year. All of our disabled children and pre-school children at our centre in Bulwer enjoyed a wonderful morning with Father Christmas (Mlungisi Mbanjwa) bringing presents for everyone, and a wonderful party provided by you!

I would also like to thank Carol and Tyron from the Pickle Pot in Boston for donating two lovely large slab cakes for the party. A huge thank-you is also due to Robyn and Donovan Grandemange for making Christmas crackers by hand for each one of our forty children at the party. You are all SO amazing, kind and generous and the blessing that you have all brought to our children this year could never be quantified! You, like so so many other special people make our work at HNO seem so much more that worthwhile and we could never do it without you!

Esinqobile Christmas Party

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