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July 2012 – Newsletter

August 20th, 2012 | Posted by Conny in HNO

Well the July holidays have come and gone and after an unexpected week of  closure due to what was probably the biggest snow storm Bulwer has seen in many years together with a public holiday, we are ready to face August and the promise of warmer weather to come.  So much has happened and yet life is much the same as  always because when one works with disabled children and the community the unexpected is expected almost on a daily basis.

The snow and wind took off the whole roof of our guest accommodation but by God’s grace no moisture got in and the ceilings and rafters and furniture was saved and on Thursday we were able to replace the roof.  One of our community workers, Mlu was actually staying in the accommodation with his little girl, while his wife was in hospital having their second child, and if the roof had gone in the middle of the blizzard it would have been disastrous for them and their possessions, so although the repairs will cost us money we spend it with deeply grateful hearts that nobody was hurt.

July 2012 Newsletter

While all this was happening Hlengiwe was in hospital (her timing was perfect) and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Mlu is particularly happy that he has a son now, and we are all particularly happy for this little addition to the HNO family.

Last month after reading about our visits to the crèches with Colleen and her sewing friends a very kind gentleman appeared on the horizon with an offer to buy tables and chairs for our community crèches.  Rene Lategan has made a huge difference to the quality of  life of these crèches who couldn’t believe their good fortune when we arrived to deliver the lovely colourful brand new tables and chairs.  At the same time  he also sponsored 100 brand new blankets which couldn’t have come at  a better time in our very cold part of the world. We continue to be amazed at how generous people can be and really want to say a very big thank you to Rene.

July 2012 Newsletter - Creche

See the before and after pictures………… what  a difference those table and chairs made.  When we arrived (unexpectedly) at this creche the children were sitting on the floor drawing on their  laps.

Back at the Centre the amazing input that we get from the physiotherapists and occupational therapist continues to bring a wealth of support and progress in the lives of our children.  We cannot sing their praises enough.  Each child is constantly assessed for progress, development and even weight gain. We see such a difference and the children are pliable and easy to work with.  They love the visits from these professionals and we enjoy every minute because we don’t feel so lost and isolated and we know we have people who we can turn to and who really, really, really care about our children.

Physiotherapists working with children

Here you can see Kate showing Tholani specific hand exercises for Hlanganipho and Dabriel giving a hands-on workshop to our staff with Mlu (the new daddy) translating.

The AGM for Hlanganani Ngothando Organization will be held at the centre in Bulwer on the 25th August 2012 at 11.00 am.  All are welcome.  Please email me for the agenda if you would like to attend and for catering purposes.

Well, till next time “Adios Amigos”

CM Speirs


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