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March 2020 Newsletter

March 29th, 2020 | Posted by Conny in HNO

 To all our dear friends and supporters all over the world. 

Not in a month of Sundays did I think I would be writing this quarters newsletter in these circumstances. Today is the first day of our lockdown in South Africa and also the first day of reported deaths due to the Corona virus. Two of our citizens have passed on. There is so much one wants to say and of course, it has all been said before but our prayers are with all our friends and we ask the Lord to protect you all and to draw you to Himself at this time when we most need wisdom, courage, discernment and comfort. 

When the virus first hit our shores and the first emergency measures were put in place it affected HNO directly because as schools were forced to close down for three weeks, we had to do the same. It was a great scramble getting our children and staff sorted and prepared for what lay ahead and in four days we were able to make sure every child was safely back with their families, the staff were instructed and paid in advance and sent home, and we were able to make sure that the food parcels were delivered to the vulnerable families in time for the lockdown. 

Now we sit at home worrying. The vulnerability of our children, and our people and clients in the poor communities where lockdown and isolation is so difficult to achieve …. It simply doesn’t bear thinking about. 

But we continue to trust in our sovereign God and as a Christian organisation will use this time to pray for you, our clients, the country and all those affected. Please email us on if there are any specific prayer requests or even just to keep us updated with how you are. We really, really want to know. 

With all our love, good wishes and prayers for your safety and good health. 

The HNO team 

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