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October 2012 Newsletter

October 17th, 2012 | Posted by Conny in HNO

We have certainly had a few busy months.

The before and after pictures of a community crèche in Sun City ( no, not that one… )  The roof was leaking so badly and with the wonderful rains we have had the teachers and children were swimming more than learning.  Our dear friend from Atlas Plastics, Rene Lategan donated this brand new roof and Buzz Speirs spent a few days with his staff putting it up.  The teachers were overwhelmed.  We are looking forward to Rene and Pat’s visit to come and “inspect” what their generosity has meant for this community.

New Roof for Community Creche

In our last newsletter we made an appeal for support for a little boy who couldn’t speak and who we wanted to bring into our crèche.  The response was overwhelming. Where I was hoping to be able to bring him in two or three days a week we received enough sponsorship for 5 days.  This includes bringing his mum in to help in the crèche and she has been such a success.  It has borne more fruit than we ever hoped for. Khethelo is settling in well and learning to socialize, and his mother is learning new skills and Madlamini who is our teacher, is so very grateful for the help as these kids, as are all 4 to 5 year olds, are a handful.

Khethelo in the blue checkered shirt

This is Khethelo in the blue checkered shirt. Thank you to all those who are part of this wonderful outreach.

We came across this crèche that had absolutely nothing except a teacher and about 18 children and one very small room.  We were able to give them tables, chairs and basic needs such as crayons, paper, magazines etc.  We also now deliver porridge from “Feed the Babies” every month.

Creche we donated chairs, tables and basic needs to

Back at the centre in Bulwer life goes on as we  continue to try in any and every way to assist each of our handicapped children to reach a better potential.  Sometimes progress is slow but when a new milestone is reached by any of them the exhilaration is huge and gives everybody the energy to carry on.

Zotha in her new calipers, Creighton Aloe Festival

This is Zotha who has just been given her new calipers to help her to walk on her own.

Some weekends Mary gives up her precious off days to set up and man craft tables to sell the lovely articles made by our talented ladies in the community.  Above is our display at the Aloe Festival in Creighton.

Creche with new tables and chairs

A before and after picture of another crèche that received some of the tables Rene from Atlas Plastics donated.

Colleen and her sewing ladies from Umhlanga decided that the crèches all needed mattresses for the children to sit and rest on.  How right they were and how useful those mattresses have turned out to be.  We often come across little ones taking a nap on the hard floor with just a little blanket underneath them.  No more of that for these crèches!  The ladies have covered the mattresses with durable but easy to wash covers.  So practical. At the centre we have even “pinched” some for ourselves in the disability creche and for the back of our vehicles. We continue to have a big need for basic resources such as large wax crayons, paint, magazines, brushes, scissors, paper, glue, colouring in books etc for these very under resourced crèches.

New Mattresses

We regularly visit vulnerable families with provisions of food and clothes and this winter we were also able to deliver blankets that were donated (again by Rene). Container Ministries have also kept our coffers full of mealie meal and soup and these have found welcome homes. Without these kind donations our visits would be with empty hands.

Food and Clothing Provisions

Sandy van Rensburg once again ran a workshop for the community crèches.  We were amazed at the turnout.  Every one of the teachers that were invited arrived (on a miserably cold and rainy day).  They have now become a group of friends, sharing and chatting and enjoying Carols famous sandwiches. They get so excited at the things Sandy has to teach them and the parcels of resources this super efficient lady always has ready to hand out. I hope that the knowledge that she is making a huge difference to their lives is Sandy’s reward ( and I suspect it is when you hear her enthusiastic report back on the workshop ) because we could never ever thank her enough for the love and energy she puts into this programme.

Community Creche Workshop

We have a new addition to our family at Hlanganani Ngothando. Mlu (our faithful community worker) and his wife Hlengiwe gave birth to a son, and a little brother for Nana. Meet little Asemahle.


Last month we told you the bad news…This month we can tell you the good news…

After our telephone lines were stolen and the bad news that Telkom would not be replacing them a very nice lady from ITA, Colleen Glaeser, committed to supplying us with our own satellite phone.  All we have to pay for are our calls and line charges and the rest is donated by them to assist us in the work that we are doing in the community.  We are very grateful.


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