Coming Together with Love

Community Outreach Program

Previously known as the Youth Development programme this part of our work comprises of 3 employees, and one volunteer nurse. The three young men, Sipho, Mlu and Sphelele have been working in the community surrounding Bulwer for many years, and they are well known and greatly welcomed into the homes of people who have needs ranging from post stroke rehab, AIDS/diabetes/hypertension counselling, nutritional deficiencies, wound care, poverty, hunger, distribution of donated resources or even just loneliness. Each young man has his own area and therefore his own clients, and in this way builds up a relationship of trust and continuity.

Using the centre as a base these young people go out on weekdays into the community and offer hands-on support where ever the need arises. It is a dynamic, ever changing and often challenging work environment, but we have established a good reputation with the community and our services and support are greatly welcomed.