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2015 Fourth Quarter Newsletter

December 14th, 2015 | Posted by Conny in HNO

HNO Year End

We have had our Christmas party and what a lovely day that was. It was a bit of a landmark day for HNO because for the first time the children took part in a Nativity Play and after days and days of practicing everybody knew exactly what to do and it went without a hitch. The children loved every minute of it and sang all the lovely Christmas carols and songs with absolute gusto. It was a real triumph for Mary and all the staff and a wonderful note to end the year off on. Of course the braai also added to the celebration because after all, if you are a Zulu…inyama is inyama. It was also very special having some friends from the past as guests of honour: Carol and Neil Luyt.  Carol gave out the gifts and Neil helped us eat the meat. And once again Ixopo SuperSpar donated our lovely Christmas cake, deliciously sweet and oh so messy…real party stuff. Thank you Chris!


Friends of Nondumiso

We had some kind responses from our last newsletter, for support for Nondumiso, the young lady with severe CP and dystonia who was in desperate need of help with her care. Cynthea, her new carer has settled in well, and we are so grateful to those of you who have offered to sponsor some of her wages. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has made a huge difference to the quality of life for this very unfortunate young lady.


Food parcel deliveries

December deliveries were a bit early this month because we were closing on the 11th but there were no complaints especially because this was a bumper delivery.  A family from Hillcrest sponsored biscuits, juice and sweets for every single one of our 40 families. We are so very grateful to them for their generosity, allowing us to be the conduit of extra blessing at this time when we celebrate the greatest gift of all… the birth of our Lord. But without the support of our regular donors this project would not happen any other month either. A big thank you to Grace church for the lovely “Harvest” buckets also received at this time. So may God bless all of you.


Shoebox project in its final year

This year we said goodbye to The Shoebox Project which has been running for 9 years.  For various logistical reasons we have come to realize that this season has come to an end and the decision was made that 2015 would be the last. Although this is a sad time for Gail Gemmel, whose personal vision kick-started this project and whose energy kept it alive and going for so long, she and her team decided  efforts would instead be put into continuing with supporting vulnerable families with food parcels, on a monthly basis. The general consensus was that this support is more sustainable and more directed towards the real and ongoing issue of hunger and poverty. The Vulnerable Family support program was running side by side with the Shoebox project and has grown from just a few families a month to about 40 now. So as the one decreased the other increased. So any further donations received into the Shoebox account will now be channelled into feeding those who are in need of daily sustenance.


We are hugely grateful to all our faithful supporters in years gone by, who contributed to making the Shoebox programme a wonderful success. Every year hundreds of orphans (up to 2000 in some years) were blessed with a generous gift and a lovely year end party.

Once again I must mention Pat Abraham, who was the fire behind the glow and raised the giant share of the funds over most of those busy years. Thank you, Pat and every one of our other funders, for all your love and support over the years. It was wonderful.


The last of the Shoebox gifts being handed out!

We wish all our friends and supporters a very blessed Christmas and look forward to a good 2016.

Until next year, God bless.

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