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June 2019 Newsletter

June 7th, 2019 | Posted by Conny in HNO

Greetings from freezing Bulwer. A big thank you to all those who send us warm clothes and blankets at this time of the year. They go out as quickly as they come in, too many very grateful recipients out there in the frosty communities.  I wish I could name you all but we know that you do this for the joy and relief your gifts bring and I can only say a humble thank you on behalf of those you have blessed.

At the moment we are closed for the school holidays and time for our mid year newsletter. Last term I wrote a little about some of our clients in the community and now I would like to mention a few of our faithful supporters who have walked a long road with HNO and helped keep us alive and floating.

We have friends in Germany who formed an organisation called Hilfe fuer Esinqobile. They have been involved with HNO since the early days when our very precious founder, Esther Alm, started to gather together disabled children whom she found in the community and who were not receiving proper care. From those humble beginnings we have a well run organisation today.  And Hilfe has been walking with us all those years. 

They sponsor 10 of our children and besides that they send a substantial sum of money every 6 months or so. They show a keen interest in everything that happens at HNO  and every January we send them a short video of our children which is then shared with German children at the Michael Parish in Stuttgart. A big thank you to Rolf, Heike, Armin, Klaus and Martin and those families who sponsor children, for their faithfulness going back 25 years.

Another supporter who goes back that far is Dennis and his wife Barbara Weston, from Hillcrest. This couple has a huge heart for HNO and its  beneficiaries and we regularly get substantial support from them. We cannot thank them enough.

Small Village Foundation from Boise America came on board more than 5 years ago supporting the feeding scheme and over time they keep on assisting with other projects as well.  Their latest very successful plan was to come over with a group of young people loaded with bags full of a special type of shoe /sandal which can expand as a child grows and each learner at the Pholela Special School and the staff received a pair, as well as all the children at HNO and our own staff.

You can imagine what an exciting day it was, fitting and handing out all these shoes. The concept is revolutionary and every learner should have this pair for many years to come due to the fact that it can expand in size and is made of very hardy material. The Zulus, being Zulus immediately named these innovative shoes with a very appropriate name “Khulanaye”.  Thank you SVF for this most generous and useful gift.

Once again this year AIR RELAX collected cash for us by offering a service of air massage to the weary riders of the SANI2C race at the Mckenzie Village.  We are so very grateful to this company who could be using the money to cover their costs of bringing all their wonderful machines to the race but who instead, have decided to “pay it forward”. Thank you Alex and the team. 

Of course, these are but some of our faithful and dear supporters. There are many of you who don’t get mentioned due to lack of space but every one of you is appreciated, big and small.  May God richly bless you for your kindness and generosity.

In the meantime therapy and activities carry on busily at the centre and here we have Gladwin assisting one of our youngsters with exercises to help get him stronger and to prevent contracting of leg muscles, while outside on a winters day the sun is being appreciated in outdoor play. Take note our blind young man who can climb the jungle gym as if he can see as well as the rest of us. He gives us the “heebies” but is as sure footed as a goat.

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