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September 2019 Newsletter

September 30th, 2019 | Posted by Conny in HNO

Hello everybody.  We have celebrated Spring day and typical of KZN weather just when we feel the warm weather should be here to stay it turns freezing again and today we opened our new term in 11 degrees. 

At the end of the last term we had our AGM as you know and I will share with you what our Chairman Andy Munro, had to say in his report as it gives a good overview of the last year. 


Once again we give thanks for a successful year of serving God by serving our community. As time goes by our area seems to enlarge as more and more needs come to our attention. Since Esther Alm moved to Bulwer and found malnourished children and responded to their mothers with loving care, very many special persons have been helped and loved in this community. 

This year we have had around 36 vulnerable families helped through HNO who have distributed donations from a variety of caring people and organisations.

Hilfe fuer Esinqobile:   It is with amazement and deep gratitude that we celebrate this year as the 25th anniversary since the establishment of Hilfe fuer Esinqobile.  In 1991 Rolf Tetzlaff visited HNO and was impressed with the work Esther Alm was doing and began to support her privately. In 1994 Rolf together with Klaus Herman, Andreas Langbein, Martin Stuka, and Armin Winkler established an NPO Hilfe fuer Esinqobile.  They are all  former classmates from Ernst-Sigle-Gymnasium.  These were the founding members.  They were later joined by four others, Heike Hack, Gertraud Jacobsen, Susanne Stuka and Katrin Werner. 

Today it remains a small organization of 5 active members, with Rolf still the honorary Chairman, and approx 20 supporters, mostly private persons but also supported by a Kornwestheim based NGO and the children’s church of Michaels parish in Stuttgart..  All the money raised by Hilfe over the last 25 years is sent on to HNO.  In the past they used to also collect toys and clothes but that became too costly and now they concentrate only on financial support.  The support we receive is partly from a sponsor program and partly from general donations and we receive in the region of R120 000 a year.  Armin and Rolf have visited HNO in the past and so they have a good idea of what we do. Hilfe’s support is substantial and I do wonder if we would be where we are today if it wasn’t for Hilfe. 

Small Village Foundation from Boise Idaho USA, has continued their support for our food parcel distribution to  destitute families, as well as the Creighton Community church and several private donors, in cash as well as in kind!  SVF  also makes a donation to HNO general funds every 6 month and assists the Pholela Special School with breakfast for the learners which is organized and supervised on their behalf by  HNO.  This year a group of Boise young people visited us once again and brought sandal type shoes for every learner at the school as well as for our children and staff.  We have called these shoes Khulanawe as they can be adjusted as a child grows. They are made of a very tough material so will last for years. 

Loadstar Foundation, is a NPO that supports schoolgoing learners with a breakfast porridge that is filling and nutritional. They have just started to provide HNO with porridge for our children and the children on our Vulnerable Family list. 

We thank Dennis Weston, Clare and Marc Barton, Rob Stapleton Smith and Greenlight Solutions. Also we have had wonderful support from Sani2C and volunteers who work there for us and Air Relax who continue to donate from their services rendered on cyclists. McKenzie Club also donate considerable foodstuff to us as do Container Ministries who supply maizemeal and dried food mixes. But there are many people who donate monthly to keep us going. We can’t name them all but for every small or large gift that we receive from anybody we are deeply grateful.  Thank you all!  

This year we have been assisted by the Department of Education who built a new jungle gym and many other educational equipment. 

At the centre we have 31 children, 15 residents of which 11 boys attend the Special school. Some of these boys will be leaving us to board in the newly completed Special School hostels.

Our dedicated staff have been very busy caring for children, doing therapy, cooking and keeping everything going. We are very blessed to have effective and devoted personnel who serve God with great verve, blessing very many from our community.  

Nkosinathi has painted bedrooms. We have a new trampoline with protective bags over the springs and metal work.  We welcomed Bheki Khumalo onto the staff who assists Nkosinathi with the upkeep of the grounds so that he can be free to do other work such as the painting and repairs. We say a great thank you to Sarah Bowman for her input this year as Pysio.  She will be unavailable for a while for a very good reason.  We look forward to hearing of the safe arrival of her baby at the end of September. 

We wish again to thank the Department of Health, and especially Zah Shabalala, for support, not only with motivating for funding but also for input and advice. 

Finally we wish to thank our management team who have run the organisation so fantastically well: Conny, Mary, Eric, Mlu, and Gladwin. We thank the Lord Jesus for you and all our supporters who make so great a difference in our community! 

Andrew Munro


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