Coming Together with Love


A little bit about the Hlanganani Ngothando Organisation and what we do.

Our Central Administration is based in Bulwer Kwazulunatal where we run a day care centre for disabled children and young adults. In 2015 we opened a weekly residential facility for boys, who either attend our day care centre or the local special school in Nkwezela. We also work in the community in the surrounding areas like Ntabamakaba, Nkelabantwana, Come and See, Nkumba, Xosheyakhe, Sharp, and Sun City. We have a branch in Pietermaritzburg working in clinics, schools and prisons.

The organisation plays an integral part in school life-skills programs, prisoner rehabilitation, occupational, physiotherapy and rehabilitative therapy for mentally and physically handicapped children and young adults; community outreach programs which encompasses resource distribution, health counselling, rehabilitative support, distribution of food parcels to vulnerable families, nutritional & community healthcare, home based care and Christian counselling.

HNO’s Mission

HNO is committed to the holistic, creative, quality and sustainable upliftment/development of communities characterized by poverty, sickness, and social degradation.

Our mission is to act as a social support base and reliable channel of resources for just such community environments; developing and motivating those characterized by poverty in such a way as to secure a happier, healthier and more industrious future.