Coming Together with Love

CHH and Vulnerable Families Program

CHH and Vulnerable Families Outreach Program (VFP)

It has long been on our hearts to reach out to some vulnerable families in the community on a more sustainable level with 4 to 6 weekly food parcels, clothes, blankets and utensils.

Although we are aware that the need out there is so great that it can be almost paralyzing, with the starfish principle in mind, we are determined to start targeting a few families and supporting them as our funding and manpower allows. These will consist of mainly child headed homes. Our desire is not only to supply physical needs but also on the ground emotional support and encouragement. We have contact with a wonderful old gentleman who is a local traditional leader and who is very enthusiastic about our project and has been very helpful in introducing us to families in need of assistance and then our team from Bulwer often come across families who receive little or no income and who often go to bed hungry.

One of our greatest supporters in this initiative is Container Ministries from Grace Church who send us dried soup mixes, miealie meal, Dorcas boxes, and blankets and then we have a few individual supporters who specifically want to be part of a campaign of alleviating hunger and make monthly donations which are earmarked for this particular projects.

We are particularly trying to target child headed households, who for various reasons such as the lack of proper documentation, are unable to get grants. Where we can, we will assist with applications for grants but until these kick in we try and get food parcels and clothes to them to keep them going.