Coming Together with Love

August and September 2013 Newsletter

September 27th, 2013 | Posted by Conny in HNO

Our AGM has come and gone and it went very well.  We are so thankful that Andy Munro continues to be willing to be our MANCO Chairman. Financially we have made it through another year and we are very grateful to God and all our amazing friends and supporters in Germany and England and at home, for all your love and support.

This moment that Mary  just happened to catch on camera  just before we closed for the Michaelmas holidays captured the spirit of what happens at our centre sometimes.  It is not always like that, as we are often so busy running around and organising and being ready for curve balls of all sorts, but when we stop and remember to savour a moment like this it takes our breath away and we can just wonder at the beauty of life and people.  There is something so special about people that live with disabilities, especially mental disabilities.  They are always childlike, real, special and endearing.  They are never critical, never have high expectations, always transparent, easily pleased, very accepting and more often than not, very loving.

They don’t care if you are important, or rich, or clever, or have achieved greatly in the world’s eyes.  They care only about you and simply enjoy being with you.  They love the simple pleasures of life and respond to people in open transparency.  They don’t know anything about manipulation or unkindness or hidden agendas.  What you see is what you get.  When you spend time with them the world slows down and the roses begin to reveal themselves for the smelling.


What an incredible privilege to work alongside such very special people!!  There is so much to learn from them.
I simply cannot think of any other “news” that is more important to share with you, than this.

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