Coming Together with Love

July 2017 Newsletter

July 8th, 2017 | Posted by Conny in HNO

HNO is very much about team work.  Mary conducting a class with our  more able  children and young adults, or the carers patiently doing exercises with the little ones to encourage their muscles to stretch, or Gladwin making sure the bread and vegetables have been bought for the day, or our house mother washing and hanging up the clothes for the school boys who stay in residence…. All the routine jobs that need to be done to keep us functioning.  In between there are unexpected needs that come knocking on our door. For example at the beginning of this term we received a message from Sibusiso who is blind and now attends an adult based educational institution for the blind. He was desperate to get back to school in PMB for the new term. His granny has died, his aunt is working and cannot take time off, and nobody can take him back to school…and  he obviously can’t take the public transport on his own. He is very willing to pay for the fuel but there is just nobody to assist him…this is a genuine case of need and it is a blessing to be able to assist this handicapped young man. In many ways it is a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of service. Sometimes we can’t help, often we can. Sometimes people try their luck (we are pretty streetwise though), but most times the needs are genuine and heart breaking, and it is a privilege to have the resources in many cases to ease a burden. This is the work that you are supporting.


You are an integral part of the team, with monthly financial support, or working at the Sani2C race  on our behalf, or visiting us all the way from America, or knitting the most beautiful warm jerseys, or passing on your extra clothes and blankets, or holding  us up in prayer.  We are deeply grateful.

Sipho here is working with one of his clients from the community who has suffered a stroke and is semi paralysed on his left side. We have been able to give out wheelchairs and walkers thanks to support from Container ministries.

We met a struggling family of eight who desperately need more space and who had started building this very nice house from home made mud blocks but simply couldn’t get further with the roof because of the costs.  Our friends from Small Village Foundation, Boise (yes all the way from America) visited this family on their recent trip to SA and offered to cover the costs of the materials  and, well  before the rains are due, this family now have a roof over their heads.

Our friends from Boise, USA visiting another family in the community.

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters for being such loving and generous members of our team.

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